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  1. Aram
    Norway remained neutral during World War I (–18), but was invaded by Germany early in World War II (–45). Norwegian resistance to German occupation had severe consequences as the Nazis attempted to destroy the underground movement. The Norwegian merchant fleet played a .
  2. Shaktizragore
    The four original Ramones deserve full and complete credit for formulating the concept, sound, and fashion that had a tremendous impact on not only rock ‘n roll, but, the world in general. Together, the four former next door neighbors blazed a trail, from until .
  3. Daijar
    May 19,  · Tommy Erdelyi remained with the Ramones for two more albums, Leave Home and Rocket to Russia (both ). They were of a piece with the first album – they extended the sound somewhat, but kept.
  4. Kagal
    The Ramones’ April debut album, Ramones, with its black-and-white photo on the cover, defined punk rock. The term “punk” had been around for many years, usually with distasteful or threatening connotations. A punk was a coward or a snitch or a sniveling villain.
  5. Zulkinris
    Home Trending History Tribute to the Ramones Mathieu P. 17 videos; [Deleted video] KISS - Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio (A tribute to Ramones) by shunandro.
  6. Zolorn
    Nov 10,  · 20 Shocking Facts About The Ramones. The Ramones were one of the original inventors (if not THE inventors) of punk rock. Their sound was fast, with hooky tunes and flat vocals that were delinquent and brilliant at the same time.
  7. Tunos
    Feb 02,  · The fights, the drugs, the sound, the look: 40 years after the Ramones recorded their debut album, bands from the Sex Pistols to Blondie to Talking Heads recall .
  8. Akinojind
    The Ramonas As the name suggests The Ramonas are an all female tribute to the iconic New York Punk Rock band Ramones. Originally conceived back in with multiple different lineups, The Ramonas have evolved into a fully fledged, razor sharp live band in their own right!
  9. Sakinos
    Sep 12,  · Song: Clubbed to Death (Matrix soundtrack) Tribute to the Norwegian military. Support our troops!

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